YSI 2017

Young Social Innovators 2017-2018

October 2017


Yes we are back..We took two years off but we are back with a big exciting new idea. The teenage brain…………….How did we get here..

The students discussed in YSI class what is YSI?. What is a social issue?  Well, it is coming up with an answer to a problem, the students looked at homelessness, drugs, child abuse and other issues that effect people lives. After much discussion the students decided on “The Teenage Brain”.

The students wanted to explore why adults think of teenagers as “they are always on their phones”, “sleeping all day”, “drug users”, “moody”, “only want to talk through Facebook”.

We would like our project to help adults understand teenagers in a different way and for teenagers to help themselves look at their reactions when they are in different situations. Teenagers are full of emotions, they feel think differently than adults. Teenagers brains are developing and might need some help and support to understand “why we do what we do”.

If you would like to check out what Y.S.I is all about click here

Robert has written his thoughts on the project so far.. click here to read it. 

We also had a speaker come and visit us why not read Colms review on this 

To find out what is coming up next click here

We will also be following up with social media sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube

Why not check out our poster for this month by ysi poster

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