Y.S.I November 2017

Y.S.I. up and coming speakers.


We have established links with external agencies, such as COPE, Jigsaw, Amacht, Foroige, Youthwork Ireland and many more as part of this years project


Liam McLoughlin

Will be coming in to talk to us about health and fitness, and substance misuse. He is a staff member of the Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board. He is very experienced in working with young people. He will be visiting on Friday 24th November 2017

Read the student review on his visit by clicking on this link

Read a student review on Use of drugs and alcohol


A speaker from the L.G.B.T movement will be coming into the centre on the 23rd of November. L.G.B.T website in galway find it here 

To find out more about this visit click here


Marieanne from COPE will be discussing homelessness in Galway, the service that they offer and what else can be done for people who find themselves on the streets. She will be here on Tuesday 28th November 2017. Check out their site here

To find out more about this visit click here


Sinead O Brien will be visiting on the 27th November to discuss what Jigsaw in Galway offers to young people to look after their mental health. Check out their website by clicking here

Check out the visit by clicking here



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