About the Youthreach Programme


What is Youthreach?

Youthreach is a training programme designed for early school leavers. We work towards QQI qualifications needed for further learning as well as other interesting activities which allows us to progress to further education/training or employment.

Who can take part in Youthreach programmes?

The Youthreach programme is for young people aged 15-20 years who have left school early  and have obtained little or no qualifications. You are welcome to apply for the programme with or without your Junior Certificate.

What courses are available in Youthreach?

Youthreach offers both certified (QQI Level  3 & 4,) and certified courses in a range of subjects including Art, Living Skills, Cultural Studies,  Communications, Information Technology, Textiles, Work Experience, Maths, Study Support, S.P.H.E, Computer Applications, Personal Interpersonal Skills, etc.  Courses vary from centre to centre.

What will a Youthreach course cost?
There are no costs for participating in a Youthreach programme.

Will I be paid while attending a Youthreach course?

While attending a Youthreach programme you will receive a weekly training allowance, a meal allowance and a travel and childcare allowance if applicable.

click here to view our brochure youthreach brochure 2014

For our main website click here http://www.youthreach.ie/

For any information around QQI awards click on this link: http://www.qqi.ie

If you would like to see what our centre is like click  the link below   https://galwayyouthreach.wordpress.com/photography-week-4/


Galway Roscommon Education and Training Boards




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