Activities Summer 2018

Places to visit for summer activities 2018

Galway Atlantaquaria Smart Bay


Galway Atlantaquaria and the Marine Institute are launching new exhibit, Our Ocean, Our Health Exhibit – Observe, Enjoy and Explore the Digital Ocean. Galway Atlantaquaria, Ireland’s largest native species aquarium, is excited to host this new exhibit, which will amaze, excite and educate our visitors about the diversity of life under the sea!
The visitor experience includes a 24/7, 365 days a year, live feed from the SmartBay Subsea Observatory in Spiddal, Co Galway.  SmartBay is the national marine test facility for the development of innovative products and services for the global maritime sector.
This is the only underwater live data feed from below the surface of the sea in Ireland and one of the few in Europe, and its role in monitoring the health of the ocean is attracting a lot of attention from researchers all over the world. The Marine Institute has opened this innovative view of the ocean to the public through the development of this interactive exhibit which will be located at Galway Atlantaquaria, Salthill, Galway city.


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The James Mitchell Geology Museum

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Often called ‘Galway’s Hidden Museum’, the James Mitchell Museum is entered by the staircase in the south-east corner of the Main Quadrangle of NUI, Galway.

The museum and its collections of rocks, minerals and fossils serve as an education resource for staff and students of the College and for national and secondary school pupils. It also acts as a valuable research resource, providing a focus for local-based researchers and those visiting the west of Ireland.

Its interior is in harmony with the 19th century atmosphere of the University’s main quadrangle. Many of its displays reflect its unique location adjacent to one of the most exciting areas of geology in western Europe.

The museum has survived a history marked by significant periods of neglect and inactivity. Furthermore, it is the last remaining gallery of the much larger, but now disbanded, Natural History Museum of NUI, Galway. It approaches the end of the 20 th century invigorated by recent and much needed restorations and refurbishments.

Places to visit in NUIG on a nice day

Zoology and Marine Biology

Hardiman Building

Alice Perry Building

Computer and communications museum of Ireland

O Shaughnessy Bridge

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