Activities Wednesdays

Man Up 2014

By Dyllon Grogan

Last Wednesday 4th November we went to an exhibition in the library called ‘Man Up’. Man Up is a campaign to promote a safer Ireland for women and children. It shows us men how we are equal to women and must make an effort just as much as women. The campaign consisted of 20 photos with captions relating to how men can help women and children.

My favourite picture was captioned, “I’ll be there for you..” . It shows a woman crying over the death of one of her loved ones while a man is holding her in his arms. We don’t know who this man is but I’m guessing it is her husband or partner. This picture tells men that they should be there for their partners no matter what and help them through any rough patches.

Man Up

Man Up


Wednesday Activities 2015-2016

As part of our program in Youthreach we have non subject curricular activities. With the help of the student council and the staff we set up a program of activities.

Reading is a really important skills so it was decided that the first class on Wednesday morning was going to be reading a book, magazine, annual or something that would be of interest to the students.

After Drop Everything and Read we have S.P.H.E. (Social Personal and Health Education). this program is divided into five areas of learning:

  • Mental health
  • Gender studies
  • Substance use
  • Relationships and sexuality education
  • Physical activity and nutrition

Resources for this subject  can click on this link  S.P.H.E

After S.P.H.E. we go for a 5 km walk. Fitness is really important part of any curriculum and so this 1 hour walk is a really good way to met this requirement

Lunch follows our walk and most of us are STARVING when we come back.

Afternoon schedule includes. Green School Program, Photography, Fitness (Local Gym) where we participate in soccer, basketball and volleyball, men’s group, we love to learn about our city so history of Galway is a great way of learning, we also are set some teamworking challenges, and last but not least we do archery.

Wednesdays activities are a great way for all of us students to get to know each other outside of the classroom. If we want to change these activities we can bring it to the student council and we can change the activities based on decisions by the students and staff.




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