Anti Bullying Week 2017

Anti Bully Week Oct 23rd-27th 2017


Day 1

The objective to today’s lesson is to remind students about bullying and to draw a distinction between bullying and other kinds of behaviour.

We looked at the definition of bullying, Repeated, deliberate aggrssion by one person or group against others.

We took a closer look at some of these words

Repeated: an action that happens more than once.

Deliberate: an action that is planned, with a specific aim in mind.

Aggression: An action that hurts somebody.


A short explain was read out and students tested their understanding. We finished with a short video. See the link below if you want to watch it

Day 2

The object of today’s lesson is to raise awareness about different types of bullying! Physical, Verbal, Psychological, Racial, Sexual and Silent Bullying.

Test your understanding of bullying with these questions!

Every time June comes into the room Matilda, Janice and Rita turn away. What type of bullying is this?

Martin posted nasty comments about Michael on his Facebook page. What type of bullying is this?

Whenever Ahmed gets on the school bus the boys start talking in a negative way about Muslims. What type of bullying is this?

Maureen wants to do well in her exams. She is afraid to ask questions in class because of what a group of girls will say about her afterwards. What type of bullying is this?

Definitions of Bullying!

Physical Bullying. This is any bullying that hurts someone’s body or damages their possessions. Stealing, shoving, hitting, fighting, and destroying property all are types of physical bullyingPhysical bullying is rarely the first form of bullying that a target will experience

Verbal bullying is a means of using words in a negative way such as insults, teasing, put downs, etc., to gain power over someone else’s life. Many people’s lives have been destroyed by verbal abuse at home, in schools and outside when we socialise.

Psychological bullying: involves the repeated and intentional use of words or actions which can causepsychological harm. Examples include intimidation, manipulation and stalking. 5. Cyber bullying: this is the big one at the moment and is when technology is used to verbally, socially or psychologically bully.

Sexual bullying is a type of bullying and harassment that occurs in connection with a person’s sex, body,sexual orientation or with sexual activity. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional.

Silent treatment (often referred to as the silent treatment) is refusal to communicate verbally with someone who desires the communication. It may range from just sulking to malevolent abusive controlling behaviour.

if you want to learn more about what the deparment of education thinks about bullying in school check out this bullying link.

Day 3

The objective of the lesson is to remind students about their responsibility to report bullying and the ways in which this can be done.

How do you tell? Here are some suggestions.

Write about it in a bullying questionnaire given by your class teacher.

Write a note and hand it to a teacher that you trust.

Write a letter about it and give it to the school secretary who will pass it along to the correct person.

Ask a parent or another adult in your family to phone someone at the school/centre.

Talk to a teacher, resource person or another member of staff about it.

Slip a note under the door of someones office.

Remember! Nothing can be done about bullying until it is reported. Every person has a responsibility to herself or himself and other students to report bullying.

Check out this video called Lets’s Fight It Together. This film, produced by Childnet for the DCSF highlights the different ways that Cyberbullying can happen and the consequences for the target. Watch the video below.

Day 4


Today was a day that we looked at words that we feel offend us! Our slogan for today is

Don’t say them, they offend us!


  • Handicap/Retard/Spastic/Disabled
  • Thick/Stupid/Dumb
  • Bitch
  • Bastard
  • Knacker
  • Junkie
  • Faggot/Queer/Gay
  • Whore/Prostitute/Tramp
  • Pickey/Buffer/Mong

If we respect each other..

we think before we speak!

If you would like to read an article that deals with swearing why not click on this link



Day 5

The objective of today’s lesson is to remind students about our policy on resolving bullying and the distinction between bullying and everyday procedures.

Check out this video and see what Burger Kings new ad has to say about bullying


So what as a school/centre should we do. This centre recognises that everyone involved with bullying will need help and support.

Support Websites