Anti Bullying Week 2016


Our Anti Bullying Word Tree


We discovered the story around Patrick and what he had experienced. Experiences such as physical, verbal, psychological, racial, sexual, homophobic, cyber and relational.

After reading his story we discussed what the different types of bullying meant. We now have a clear understanding of what bullying is.


Today we looked at types of bullying and how they can take many forms. We went through different examples e.g Verbal Bullying this includes name calling, graffiti, text messaging, abuse of the internet, written notes, malicious gossip hurtful or unwanted teasing. We then did a test of the students understanding of bullying and decided to type up a Banned Work List which will be put up on our noticeboard.


Today we looked at the students role in reporting incidents of bullying. What would be the first steps in the process. We found out that reporting bullying is not “telling tales” some students  think that reporting is something that someone else would do. The main objective from today is this:

Remember! Nothing can be done about bullying until it is reported. Every student has a responsibility to herself or himself and other students to report bullying.


Today we discussed our Bully Box. This is a box that will be in the Ipad room for all students to use. Why would they use this box? Well if they feel they cannot tell someone that they or someone else is getting bullied they can leave a note informing the staff of what is going on so the issue can be handled discreetly. A bully box is a private way for students to air their concerns around a very difficult issue.



We summed up what bullying means to the students and staff. We put together our list of banned words which will be put up in each classroom. We finished our anti bullying word tree and ended the week on a very positive and informative note.