Lifeskills – Youthreach – Art Room

In our lovely Art Room we do a wide variety of different types of art including Batique, Aplique, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics and Pottery.

We have experimented with different kinds of techniques such as shading, outline of a drawing and pattern design.

Usually it’s fun all round with everyone enjoying themselves and drawing away. We all do different sketches such as animations and characters from movies;

Art is very important for developing skills, using your imagination and basically just being creative whichever way possible.

It is about opening your mind and revealing the contents on paper. You get a choice to use different mediums of expression.

Art is about impression/expression, performance and about making an impact in whatever you do.

Here are is just one example of a project that QQI Level 4 Group E have just finished:


In this art project we explored through the medium of watercolours how the theme of ‘Night’ is portrayed in Film and in Art.

In Film we looked at the 1922 German horror movie Nosferatu directed by F.W.Murnau. This is an adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula. It is remarkable for its dramatic lighting and daring use of shadow.


This is an iconic scene in the film of the shadow of Nosferatu (Count Orlok) climbing up a staircase.

In art works we looked at Hieronymous Bosch’s nightmarish depiction of Hell in The Garden of Earthly Delights, Casper David Friedrich’s sublime landscape Abbey at Oakwood 1809, Vincent van Gogh’s expressive use of colour in The Night Café 1888. We also looked at Edward Hoppers Nighthawks where American urban landscapes resemble movie stills and evoke emotional themes such as solitude, loneliness or regret.


Nighthawks, 1942

The students drew inspiration from the local of Liosbaun Industrial Estate and came up with ways to capture its ‘Noir’-ish elements in their art using the medium of watercolours.

The following art works belong to Marion Kazcmarek, Taran Stakem, Saoirse Gibney, Darren Dowd and Adrian Zarzycki.






One response to “Lifeskills – Youthreach – Art Room

  1. I am very impressed with the work the youtreach students have created, using a great definition, of using the Narrative of dark and light.
    The students should be proud of their work they have created.
    I myself am a former youthreach student from Galway, and finished my Bachelors in fine art in the Cluan Mhuira campus of GMIT in Galway.
    At the moment I am doing Poetry and getting together a number of Poems to put in a booklet.

    my name is

    Brian Berkholst

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