My Poem


By Dylan

My name is Dylan Fox I’m a Poet/Songwriter here’s a controversial piece I wrote to promote giving which was one of the five   main ideas we had in our YSI (2015) project titled: “Mind Your Mind”. I hope you enjoy reading this song as much as I did writing it. I got the idea for this song after watching this video called the “homeless child experiment”


I see this child
Been there for a while
Has a sign
Begging to pass the time
Has no food so he sits and he cries
What’s this world come to
It’s filled with lies
So here comes the truth
They don’t spare a cent
They spent the money they say
Has a pocket full of change
Now this kid has no meal for the day
Not that they care anyway
Spent their money on stuff they throw out
Has two spare rooms in your big house
But spare two quid I doubt they will
They want to go to clubs with those bills
Instead of providing another human with a meal
Does anyone feel what I feel?
I’ve had it there’s no good on this planet
So sad it is
He’s going to die but he’s only a kid
Will anyone help?
What would you do?
You’re skint too?
Boohoo leave this kid without any food.


Technology – My love of computers-2015
by Ingars

My name is Ingars and I am from Latvia and I have been living in Ireland for the past 8 years. I came into Youthreach Galway City in November of 2014. I really enjoy computers and was only delighted that it was part of my course work. I saw that we had a blog and decided to write a short article on why I love computers.

For as long as I remember I have liked computers, I remember the first computer that I got was when I was about 6 years old, it had only 512Mb of RAM, it had a good graphics card and Intel Pentium processor, there was about only 80Gb of HDD space. At the time the computer wasn’t that old and it was fast and I could play games and watch movies and do a lot of things on it, but now as technology has moved on it has aged and now the computer had depreciated in value and is only worth under 50 euro. Technology moves on so quick that you could buy a computer and after a year it would be old and wouldn’t be worth as much. I find technology so interesting with how it works and how it consumes power and how we use it to our advantage, I like to know everything about a computer part by part and how faster it is than other computers. When I look at computer parts I look at how much Watts I will need for my power supply, for the processor how fast it is and is it Intel or AMD and which would be better for the value or how many cores it has and socket type and how much power it is using and of course a computer would need a motherboard and would it be compatible with the processor and what connectors it has and how many slots it would have for memory and graphics cards. Graphics cards are optional for a computer, you can use your processor to display your image but if you are using your computer for picture and video editing or playing games then a graphics card is advised. Ram does not make a huge difference if you have more than 16Gb of it, for day to day usage 4Gb of ram would be alright for a computer but if you are using your computer more than just browsing the web you would need more memory. There are three types of hard drives for computers, Hard drive disks which have a high capacity but is one of the slowest hard drives, then there are Solid State drives which have a smaller capacity but are very fast but expensive, and the last one would be a Hybrid drive which is a HDD and an SSD put together, it is high in capacity and fast, but still not the fastest but faster than a HDD. The last two parts which a computer would need is a cd drive and a computer case to put all your parts in, you can get many customised computer cases with a lot of LED`s and other cool things like insulated case so it wouldn’t be noisy because the fans in the computer make noise so what you could do is replace the fans with water cooled pipes and they make no noise and are much better than the fans.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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