Awards Day 2017


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Awards Day Youthreach 2017

Well it is nearly here… on June 9th 2017 some of us will be leaving Youthreach and moving on to things that we never expected for example, some are going to GTI, others to GCC, some are going to work and I know one of us is going for an apprenticeship. Exciting times ahead..But it is also nice to look back and a few of us wrote out reflections on what Youthreach has meant to us..check out peters by clicking here and if you would like to check out Eli or Tara click on this link

We decided that we wanted to do a slideshow so when we are gone that we can look back and have a laugh thinking of all the work and the fun things that we got up to over the time we spent together. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

If you want to check out last years awards day click here and you will see what it was like..

If you want to download and look at home here is the Awards Day Youthreach 2017

Well awards day is over but we had the wonderful Seán Ó Mainnín into our centre to take some wonderful pictures if you would like to check them out click on the link below

then add the password Youth17