Awards Day 2012

Hi All

Just wanted to tell you a little bit about our Awards Day this November in the Menlo Park Hotel…We  had it on the 21st November in the Menlo Hotel. Councillor Neil McNeilis presented the awards at Level 3 and 4 to students. Ali Donald presented awards for Kayaking at Level 1 and 2.


A cake was made by some of the students for the special day and tea/coffee and sandwiches were there for everyone once the awards were presented. It was great to see so many parents, teachers, past students, community organisations and the representation from the VEC board of management. It really made the day feel special for us all.


As for the displays, when we got into the room that the awards were in, we were all amazed at the amount of our work that was displayed around the room, from cushions, to woodwork tables, to paintings, posters and pieces of sculptures. It was amazing…Michael O Driscoll had a slideshow on for everyone to watch, and it showed some of our days out, work that we are doing around the centre and the mayors visit to our centre.


Overall it was a great day and looking forward to the one next year..

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