Barracks Renmore 2015

Trip to Renmore Barracks


Here is a small presentation on what we saw today 29th April 2015. We had a very exciting morning in the Renmore Barracks, the lads made us feel very welcome. They gave us a short presentation on how we could join the army and if we want to join how we could sign up on

We were then brought into the museum where we have a fantastic presentation, we got to see all the displays and we really appreciated what the army has done for us. They are all about peace keeping. They also travel to countries such as Syria (they will be travelling there in 2016), at other times they have travelled to Lebanon, Congo and Afghanistan all on peace keeping missions.

They finished with a display of weaponry and we were shown how they used them and then the sergeant  allowed us to also try them out. “No bullets”.

Overall it was a great few hours and we learned that we don’t need the leaving an equivalent will do, once in we realised that we could be trained in almost anything.

Our Presentation!

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