Be Wiser 2018


be wiser

This stands for West of Ireland Sex and Education Resource. The resource has been developed by Galway based sexual organisation, AIDS West, to promote positive sexual health in the West of Ireland

What does WISER do?

Through our website and education services, WISER provides information about relationships and sexual health that is:

  • Relevant & accessible
  • Accurate & honest
  • Practical & empowering

WISER is constantly evolving as we keep up-to-date with relevant sexual health research. We develop WISER workshops to enable young people to:

  • Make healthy, happy, informed decisions about their involvement or non-involvement in sexual activity
  • Take responsibility for their own sexual health with confidence
  • Develop respectful and responsible attitudes towards sexuality and relationships

Why be WISER?

Accurate, balanced information about sexual health is crucial component of education particularly in today’s world, where we are constantly exposed to sexual messages and images through technology and the media. it is not always easy to navigate, and it can be hard to differentiate between what is true and what is not.

Good sexual health education can help to:

  • Enhance relationships
  • Build confidence
  • Develop invaluable skills in critical thinking, communication and decision-making
  • Increase understanding of and respect for diversity
  • Reduce potentially negative outcomes, such as unwanted pregnancy and STIs

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Ozanam House
St Augustine Street

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-4.45pm
Closed for lunch 1pm-2pm

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