Celebrating Y.S.I 2018

ICelebrating Y.S.I Week in Youthreach




We put up some of our artwork in the canteen so that all of the students can get involved in celebrating Y.S.I and the work of all the students involved. We put up out skull art work where previous students had added their feelings onto different parts of the skull. We added post it’s for this week so that every student can add new feelings onto the skull. We also celebrated our 4 sections of our Y.S.I project, Friendship, Well Being, Physical and Feelings. Why not check out our lead up post on Y.SI. week




Day 2 of our celebrations, well we started on our noticeboard in our corridor, we had a visitor from Foróige and we generally celebrated the fact that we have a visitor in who thinks our innovation is fantastic. Aine from Foróige was presented with our card game and made a decision that she is going to use it in her work with students in Foróige. For us this is amazing that we can reach people with our game and we hope to get feedback from them on what they think and she said that they will try and fill in some of the blank cards in the pack with some new quotes..What a day to celebrate our innovation..


Day 3 of our celebrations, today some time was spent creating a mindmap of all the words that students felt represented their Y.S.I 2018 project. It was well worth and the end result is wonderful.


We also decided to gather some student together to reflex back on the work that was done to complete the Y.S.I Youthreach project and we all decided we needed to pose for the camera and take a well earned picture. Check out Young Social Innovators on Facebook to see what pictures including ours that are out there for this special week.



Day 4 we decided to focus on our students and their innovation. We took out the card game and we got different groups to play it and give us some feedback on the quotes which are on the cards. Most of the students felt that the quotes were very relevant for them especially these ones:

Physical “Exercise not only changes your body it changes your mind your attitude and your mood”

Wellbeing ” Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Friendship ” Seek respect not attention it lasts longer”

Feelings “Sometimes you heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows”


Today we started looking back at our Y.S.I video and our speak out. It was wonderful to have all the students looking at both of these videos today and looking at their reactions to same. Most of the students had forgotten how much work was involved in making these videos and the time spent in recording them. Overall it was a great way to end the week of Y.S.I celebrations

Teenage Brain Video

Speakout Video

Some of the students watching the video today



Updated words on our skull