Christmas Cards- Fundraiser 2014

 Christmas Cards- For Console Galway

As a part of our YSI project on suicide and depression we made Christmas cards to sell for a fundraiser. It took us a number of weeks to complete these master pieces! We put a lot of dedication and effort into these cards and we believe the outcome was a success.

Our art teacher Anastacia gave us the materials to create these beautiful hand crafted cards. With all of our imagination and creativity we ploughed through and came up with extremely unique Christmas cards that are fun for all the family. It took a lot of skill and technique and we are extremely proud of our cards we believe it truly captures the happy feel of Christmas.

The charity we have chosen to raise funds for is Console as it ties in with our YSI project. It is a national suicide charity of Ireland and we were more than willing to raise money for such a fantastic organisation. 100% of the money we raise will be going to charity.

Four of our classes who were involved in the project all made cards yet only 6 cards were chosen although everyone made a fantastic effort and all came up with great works of art.

We hope you appreciate all of our hard work and effort and help support us in selling these cards. There will be 6 cards in each pack and we are selling them for €5 per pack.

Merry Christmas!


The snowman

The Snowman by Bartek


Reindeer by Maeghan

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree by Mairead

Polar Bear

Polar Bear by Saoirse


Presents by Dillon

Our Reindeer

Our Reindeer by Patrick

A little presentation on our card making and ….

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