Cope 2016


Delivering the cookies to Waterside House

Well another year is here and so is the baking of the cookies and treats for Waterside House begins.

Stage 1

On Tuesday morning the girls from Group A with Marieanne decided to make chocolate chip cookies and shortbread biscuits for Cope, Waterside House. We spent all morning making the cookies and biscuits. We put Christmas designs on the shortbread biscuits- Christmas trees and stars. They tasted delicious and crunchy! When the biscuits and cookies were finished we felt proud, the effort we put in was worth it, and we hope those at Waterside House will enjoy them. They were delivered to the door of Waterside on Wednesday 14th by Lara and Elizabeth. Well done everyone

Stage 2

The presents: Wednesday 14th December Debbie who was in charge of the Christmas collection for presents, she went to town with a few other little helpers to “DO THE PRESENT BUYING”!!. Yes! The task we all go “sigh” when we think of it. Well! No problem to our team of helpers, they bought presents for all ages and in the afternoon they wrapped and parceled all the gifts. Well done to all involved.

why not check out this page for more information

Stage 3

Making cards to go with the presents. Well between Art class with Anastasia and PIPD with Jaki, the group of students got working on creating some masterpieces. Check out the gallery and comment if you wish.


Some of the beautiful cards

Stage 4

Well where are we at now? Good question! Cookies/biscuits delivered and hopefully all eaten, cards made and presents wrapped, what is left to do you may ask? Well deliver them of course! Watch out for Santa’s little helpers who will be spreading the joy to little boys and girls and of course their mums and dads over the next few days.