Cope 2017

Cope Visitor November 2017

By Anika Kaminska

cope lade

Marieanne from COPE

A speaker named Marieanne came to talk to us about COPE. She showed us pictures of homeless people and asked us our opinions about the situations that the people in the pictures found themselves in.

At the moment there is about 40/50 people in sleeping bags on the streets of Galway (Nov 17)

57 Families in emergency accommodation 153 of these children. Cope worked with 512 children last year. Domestic abuse figures 314 women 158 kids, 1709 critical calls.

Services Offered by COPE Galway

  • Homelessness
  • Domestic Abuse Support
  • Senior Support/Meals on Wheels


COPE Galway Fairgreen Hostel

Is a 26 bedroom hostel which provides emergency and short term accommodation for men experiencing homelessness.  The aim of the service is to provide a quality service that endeavours to meet the individual needs of its clients.

Bridge House

Place where men move on from after they have attended the Fairgreen Hostel.

Teach Corrib Day Centre

First point of contact for homeless people. They have a family support worker there. Also a resettlement support team which help people who move into accommodation and might need furniture or things for their new home.

COPE Galway Waterside House

Waterside provides accommodation for women and children when they no longer feel it is safe to be at home. Each family has their own sleeping/living space and may need to access communal toilet and shower facilities. Both practical and emotional support is provided to women during their stay.

  • The refuge is staffed 24 hours a day
  • Support with social welfare
  • Counselling sessions
  • Childcare service with parental support
  • Outreach service

Older People Services

The objective of Community Catering is to enable older people to live independently in their homes as long as possible by satisfying their nutritional and social requirements.

  • Meals on wheels
  • Modified meals
  • 11 lunch clubs across the county
  • Food rescue with supermarkets
  • Distribution of food to people at risk of food poverty

Sonas Day Centre

Sonas Day Centre has been providing support to older residents in the area since the 1970’s providing daily support which enables them to continue living independently at home and reduces the risk of isolation.

  • Link with older residents
  • Activities- Art classes, crafts, etc
  • Practical support- shopping, laundry, etc
  • Community Garden

Community Support Worker

COPE Galway employ a community based worker to support older people who live alone. The overall aim of this project is to prevent social isolation and promote healthy ageing through a community development approach.

  • Links with housing clusters where older people live.
  • Address issues to improve quality of life
  • Promote positive and healthy aging, using Yoga, Art, Healthy Eating, etc