Lifeskills – Youthreach – Crafts & Textiles

In Youthreach Galway we do craft and textiles . This is our second year of having textiles in the centre . Our teacher Mary Wallace is so nice and helpful . A lot of us didn’t know how to sew but after a year with Mary we were all experts . She has a lot of patience and is a brilliant teacher . We had to learn the basics first on the sewing machine, then we had to sketch ideas put it on material and make whatever we liked. We had to research ideas in order to come up with something we wanted to make . Once we had this idea Mary showed us how to make this a reality  by  using  colour, balance, shape, form and texture in design work. We were shown how to do  applique, patchwork, dip dying , felt , knitting, and batik. The one that stood out for me was dip dye I found it very cool and enjoyed it.

Examples of Craft/Textiles

Madhatter Textiles Piece

Madhatter Textiles Piece by Fiachna O Brien


The fabulous Lady GaGa by Fiachna O Brien

The fabulous Lady GaGa by Fiachna O Brien

Some of our Textiles

Some of our Textiles


We are here to Help..

imge-7 image-14 image-10 image-9 image-15 image-8 Lets all join together imge-4

some pillows that were made

image-12 image-3

imge-17 img20 image-16 imge-1

Bags are one of our favourite things:

image-2 imag21 imge-13

one of the students drew out a shoe on a piece of material and was made into a pillow



One response to “Lifeskills – Youthreach – Crafts & Textiles

  1. I am very impressed on how the work of these students are so inspiring, I myself went to Youthreach, Galway, and from there I did an art portfolio course in GTI, from which I moved on to GMIT. To get a Bachelor in Sculpture.

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