Croagh Patrick 2016

The Climb

Yesterday a group of six students and three teachers embarked on our climb up Croagh Patrick. We all arrived in Youthreach at nine, made our sandwiches and climbed into the bus. When we arrived, we smothered ourselves in sunblock as it was blisteringly hot and headed up the mountain. We went a different route than the usual path, Mick said it would be easier. It was such a beautiful view that on our way up some students had to stop every few minutes to take it in, while the others sailed up the mountain. When we reached the top of the mountain we had our lunch at the church, admired the view and took some photos of everyone at the sign. When we were ready to go we all ran down the mountain at our own speed and got back on the bus. It was a wonderful day out and I would recommend this as a day out to anyone…Great fun to be had by all….

IMG_3267 1JPG

Stunning Views..