Cultural Week 2017

Cultural Week 2017

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

We some of our teachers were very bust getting things ready for this week. They worked out exercises for everyday and menus for lunch time. The students made posters for some of the countries that are represented in the centre.

See gallery. Click on any image to start the gallery.

We looked at menus for the week and here is our poster


Here is the word version of the menu for you to click and download

lunch menu


First reactions when we meet someone is to say Hi or Hello if you want any hints or tips on saying hello click on the picture below..Have fun with your friends trying it out..



Elements of Culture

Well the big question what makes us react to certain cultures? What are the values that are placed on culture? How do we respond when we are out social with different cultures?

Well have a look at the image below it might help with some answers!

Elements of Culture


No need to say anything the poster says it all! Click on image to enlarge



Today Friday we looked at the rte player and the show toughest places to be and we looked at what it would be like to be a bus driver in Nepal. Reaction of the students “Tough”, “Why does the bus not have air conditioning” ” Work for 10 euros a day you have got to be joking” to say just a few.

If you want your students to look at this program click on this link

this is the second episode it is about a nurse working in Honduras

Leave comments on what you think of these programs if you like

Cultural dishes from around the world..

Each day our students wore different hats to match the country