Day Out Cong 2018

Cong Co Galway

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As part of our Get Healthy Get Fit week in March 2018, we decided that we would visit Cong. The bus arrived at 9.30 to bring us there. The teachers had made our sandwiches for the trip so all we had to do was get on the bus. The day was really sunny so we enjoy the short bus trip to Cong.

20180307_105216When we got off the bus we were brought to the start of our trail walk. The track was a bit muddy so some of use were getting a bit dirty and were not so sure if we liked it but others loved it.  The walk was about 5km and some of the plants and mosses were beautiful. We saw some trees cut down which was a pity. We had one stop during our walk and that was at Pigeon Hole Cave, some of us walked down it was kinda scary  but fun.

We arrived back into the village of Cong and the sun was shining really bright, we ate our food and then went back on the bus and we felt overall all it was a great day out for all of us.