Day out in Pallas Karting 2019

Pallas Karting and Paintballing

By Cian O Donovan

On Wednesday the 11th December 2019 we got a bus from Youthreach and headed to Pallas Karting in Tynagh, near Loughrea in Co Galway. The journey took about an hour but when we arrived we were all excited. We were told to get changed as we were starting with karting first as the instructors told us it might rain later so for health and safety it would be better to get out on the track early. The fun we had trying to get wet gear that actually fitted us was a bit of crack to start the day. Anyway once we were dressed we were then given a safety talk so that we would know what to do when we were on the track. The karting was 20 minutes long we wish they had more time to keep going because they felt it was very short. Once we got changed out of the wet gear we then went straight into the paintball where we had to use overalls, gloves, masks and a protective piece to put under the overall. Once we were dressed and geared up we got bus down to the battleground where they told us all about the health and safety and showed us how to use the guns. At the beginning the instructor split us into 2 teams black and red and asked both teams to do a war cry and whichever team won got to shoot 2 paintballs at the other team. Red team won so black team got shot in the back with the paintballs. The first game was Team death-match red against black. this game took about 10 minutes and black team won. The second game was one team attacking the base and one team defending the base. Black team won the last game so they got to decide to defend or attack and they decided to defend. The instructor gave them a tip to rush the red team so they would be trapped in. Black team did that and won the second game. The 3rd and final game was free for all there was no winner in this game because it was just whatever paintballs you had left you got to use them up anyway u wanted to. That took about 10 minutes because everyone was attacking everyone.

Overall all of us had a great day and we really enjoyed it the only thing we would’ve like is if it was a bit longer.

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