Dragons – Textiles 2017

Dragon Time

by Radek Sokol


In the centre we decided that we would collect can tops so that we could do an art piece for junk Kouture.

We found out fairly quickly that to really do a good project with the can tops we would need to be collecting for about a year. This was not going to happen but I thought well we have some can tops what could I do with it. I love MSI Gaming company, and this company has a dragon on it and I decided I would like to create a dragon as my interpretive piece for my textiles level 4

So what did I DO???

I talked to Mary my textiles teacher and she said why not printout the dragon and see what we would need to do to recreate it on fabric.

We used the ipad with the overhead projector to project the dragon onto the whiteboard, from this I sketched the outline onto paper which was attached to the whiteboard. This took some time but once done I was able to do the next stage.

Fabric: Me and Mary my teacher found an old pillowcase and we would use for the background. So what I did next..I painted a WALL designed this was made out of bricks onto a blank fabric canvas. This took a lot of time but I really enjoyed it as the atmosphere in textiles class is relaxed and the teacher is great. This had to dry and while this was happening I worked on the dragon. For this I needed leather for the head, maroon material for the body, a button for the eye and white felt for the horns. The can tops were going to be used as his scales..

I traced the dragons head onto the leather and cut out the shape of the head, I sewed this onto the wall background together with the dragon’s body. This also took some patience and time. Once done though I could start on the horns. They were done by stuffing wadding into the horn material and stitching the horns onto the dragons head. Leather I found is difficult enough to work with. Then it was scale time…I took my time picking out can tops that I was going to use. I then cleaned and prepared them for spray painting. My idea was that the scales would be in red and black dye. Once sprayed with the different paint I then had to do the toughest part of the piece. It was hand stitching each can top onto the dragons body this took about EIGHT weeks ..can you imagine 2 months hand stitching can tops.OUCH.. But the end result was so worth it…

I do hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating my DRAGON.. Can’t wait to take him home..

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