Drugs Task Force 2018

Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Iceland has gone from having the highest level of adolescent substance use in Europe in 1998 to now having the lowest level of adolescent substance use.

 Substance use decrease amongst year old adolescents

This dramatic success has come about through developing a primary prevention model that is community-based and has a focus on the known risk and protective factors that predict adolescent substance use.

 In the last two decades, this model has been instrumental in changing the culture around alcohol use in Iceland and has also delivered very significant improvements in other health outcomes for young people.

 Jón Sigfusson, the Director of Planet Youth, was here in Galway on the 20th of February as the first step in developing this as a pilot project ifor Ireland here in the west.

 If you’re interested in finding out more please have a look at his presentation at http://wrdatf.ie/planet-youth.php and you can also check out the https://planetyouth.community/ website.