Feed Your Brain 2018

Feed Your Brain

12th March to 16th March 2018

feed your brain

Feed Your Brain week is here and it is going to be another busy week following on from Get Healthy Get Fit week. What do we hope to do well get Young Social Innovators completed and travel to the Speakout in Ballinasloe, learn some yoga with Ruairi from Fóroige and other fun things.



Young Social Innovators practice and getting our message across to everyone in the centre. The teenage mind is a complex thing but we want to focus on our innovation (card game) and what we as adults understand in relation to what teenagers feel are really big issues for them. We will be doing our 2 minute presentation and presenting our art work so that people in the centre can look at it and comment.



Ruairi from Fóroige took some of us for yoga and we learnt about the different positions that are good for us.

He brought mats, and spoke to us a little about what yoga was about and how it can help with our brains. How to help us stop our brains from racing all the time. He told us how yoga started and that it was introduced by monks because they did not sit correctly and yoga was going to help them have better posture.

We did some standing movements, balancing, learning about of our body and poses that helps ease certain muscles. Things that are good for our flexibility. At the end we did some mindfulness which was a nice way to end a session of yoga. The whole thing took about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Here are some of the positions we learned about





Speakout in Ballinasloe: Some of the students will be going to the Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe to present our presentation on The Teenage Brain. We hope that we enjoy our time there and don’t worry someone will be writing a review and maybe even adding a video. To find out more about the lead up to this click here


Aids West is visiting our centre today to enable our students to make healthy, happy, and informed decisions about their involvement or non-involvement in sexual activity. Kate Dawson and Haley Mulligan from Aids West want to promote and support positive sexual health awareness and development without prejudice or discrimination.

Some of the topics they covered today were:

Talking about sex, about consent, talking about pregnancy, S.T.I’s Gender and equality, body image. The students were split into boys and girls groups. For more information about check out bewiser.ie website or just click on this link http://www.bewiser.ie/

If you want more information you can click on our page which gives more details about the visit



This Friday some of the students will play a good game of soccer. It is a mixed groups so girls and boys will play with each other up in the Mervue hall. The game last for about an hour. Some of the others play badminton. The afternoon is a great way to end the week of feeding our minds.