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Many of our students inquire about training and further education each year. What route can we take when we leave?. So we as their teachers try to be proactive. Through our mentoring program, use of their Ipads (research), our students can try and meet these needs. Our students meet with their mentors and have time to discuss their concerns about this difficult transition and other difficulties that may have. Issues such ” What do we do after “Youthreach” can very concerning for not only the students themselves but for their families and friends.

Mentors discuss options for further education/training when their students request it and for a lot of our students they would know friends who have attended Galway Technical Institute in Fr Griffin Road, and other  students who attended Galway Community College. Some of their friends have gone on to do training. So this page should help students in their research. By just clicking on the links below and they can browse and select courses that they might be interested in and then discuss during their next mentoring session, if they so choose or discuss during their breaks with their peers or staff .

Galway Technical College

website: http://www.gti.ie/


Galway Community College -website: //www.galwaycc.ie/


Galway Training Centre – based in Mervue Business Park

For other support links students can click on this link


For information about apprenticeship courses and further education you can search these courses on fetch courses website.

For information on these courses click here

One Step Up

One step up is an information booklet developed by Aontas and co funded by the Erasmus+ programme. For any information regarding moving up or applying for different courses click here to One-Step-Up-Info-Booklet the information booklet.

Useful Websites

Chick on any of the links below to access some useful websites


http://www.qqi.ie/ http://www.qualifax.ie/
https://careersportal.ie/ https://www.nala.ie/
http://galwayroscommon.etb.ie/ http://www.onestepup.ie/
http://www.apprenticeship.ie/ https://susi.ie/
https://www.jobsireland.ie/#/home http://www.distancelearningireland.com/
http://hea.ie/ http://www.welfare.ie/