Laras Gaisce 2016

Gaisce Trip

By Lara Taylor


My friends

On Wednesday the 11th of May eleven students from Youthreach set off on our Gaisce trip to Louisburg in County Mayo. I was really looking forward to this trip. In the morning we all climbed into the bus and set off. There was a great air of excitement on our journey. We listened to music and had a laugh. When we got there we had our lunch, unpacked our things and prepared for a 20k cycle. I was feeling a little hesitant about what was to come.

It was a torturous cycle up hills, round bends and along old country roads. I of course was at the back with Claire and Eli. We motivated each other to keep going and catch up with everyone. After 10k or so we stopped at Askillaun beach for a break. It was a beautiful beach covered in all kinds of stones and thick seaweed. It was a lot of fun . We ran around on the beach like children, swinging each other around and skimmed stones.

When we got back on our bikes the sun came out and we cycled the rest of the way back uphill to the house. The house a large modern building sitting up on a hill. The interior of the house was very simple but had a lot of character. For this trip we were split up into groups to do different tasks such as cooking and clean up. When we got back we had a bit of a rest. The dinner was lovely it was chicken with salsa sauce veg and mashed potatoes and desert was eaten mess and ice cream.

 After clean up, we all went down to a pier and some of us jumped off. On the way back we stopped at the shop and got some snacks for the evening. When we all arrived back at the house we played a table tennis tournament, then a few of us went for a 20 min stroll down to the beach and back. That night we finished the tournament, had hot chocolate and went to bed.

Delphi_ValleyWhen we woke in the morning we had breakfast, gathered our things, tidied the house and set off for our 7k walk along the side of a mountain. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was amazing. I could have done the hole thing again with ease. Rory was parked at the end of the walk so we all climbed in and headed home to Galway. I can’t wait for next years trip.


The Crew of 2016