This year some of our students did the Silver and Bronze award. For the silver it meant that we had to go for a two night trip to Connemara.

Silver Award:

Day 1 we did a 23km walk along the western way and that for us in real time was walking for six hours with a break for lunch for 45 minutes. God we are so healthy now. We were all very excited to start the walk, there was only 4 of us on this day so we were able to stick together and have a great time. We all enjoyed the walk and all the views along the way, its rare we would get a chance to do something like this together so we all embraced it positively and tried our best not to complain, although by the end of it we were all extremely tired and hungry! We felt very proud of ourselves to complete it. After we had some dinner we went down to watch the sunset together and had a great time.

Day 2 Cycling 20km all around Louisburgh by the coastline. Amazing beaches. Those doing the bronze joined us for the cycle this day so there was about 10 of us at this stage, more people but we all still had fun together and bonded with the people we normally wouldn’t hangout with. We started the cycle and had amazing views once again the entire way, we stopped at the beach for a rest and had so much fun there, we all took lots of pictures together. When it came to the evening we drove down to the beach and went pier jumping, it was freezing! some of us wore wet suits and the brave just jumped in. After we went to the beach closer to our house and watched the sun go down, it was truly beautiful.

Day 3 We went walking along the cliffs. It was short walk around 7km and the weather was fab. Sun sun sun. Scenery as you will see from the pictures below was wonderful. we took a short break at a waterfall where we all filled up our bottles of water and had a bit to eat, then we continued our walk, surrounded by sheep every way we turned! compared to the walk some of us had the first day this was a piece of cake and we finished it in no time. We were all exhausted by the end of the 3 days and we were all very excited to get home and rest.

We got to stay in an amazing house, ate great food made by ourselves and enjoyed having a laugh with friends. We would be recommending this to anyone with an adventurous spirit. Thanks a million to Mike for plotting the route and to Janet for not only being a star in the kitchen but for getting us the house for our three days.dsc_0001