Gaisce 2017

Our Gaisce Adventure 2017

Radek and Aaron

Gaisce trip in 2017 was amazing, I think everyone enjoyed their time over in the Louisburgh house and I am pretty sure a lot of the students will love to go back again next year.

The stand out parts of this years GAISCE for me and Aaron were that we wereΒ getting our Silver GAISCE medal.Β As of this we had to do a 40 km walk through the mountains which took us 6 hours to complete. We were lucky that the weather was so good as we got to stop at the streams and rivers and enjoy the beautiful views. I have to admit it was difficult at first as we almost got lost but after we regrouped with Mick at our first meeting point he showed us the route to the next point and it was pretty straight forward after that. After the walk we stayed the night at the Killary Adventure Centre and in the morning we joined the rest of the group that worked on their Bronze Gaisce Award.

Overall I think that Gaisce is very important and everyone should participate in it as it lets you learn a lot about nature and yourself and you also challenge yourself to participate and complete the activities. I also think that the trip brought us together as a group and made our friendships even stronger due to all the times we were supporting each other during the activities.

Here is a few pictures that were taken during the walks and the camp fire which we had on the beach after dinner.