GAISCE Awards 2017

Gaisce Bronze Awards 2017

We have two students who were awarded with their GAISCE bronze medals for 2016-2017 period.

Radek’s Experience Working Towards Gaisce Bronze Award

It was a good experience working to get my Gaisce Bronze Award, it took a lot of work and effort to get there and I have to say sometimes it was difficult when I thought of all the work that needed to be done and all the community work.

I started work on my Bronze Award last year and it took some time getting all the bits and pieces so I did not get to finish it. However Mick talked to Caroline Meaney a member of the Merlin Woods Community Garden team and asked if there is a chance for me doing community work at the garden. She was happy to take me on for a few weeks and this helped me meet the requirements for my bronze award.

There is 4 key challenge areas that we had to follow:

  1. Community Involvement for which I have worked at the community garden in Merlin Woods for several weeks.merlin-woods-park
  2. Personal Skills which is my PIPD, Work Experience and other subjects in Youthreach.Personal Skills
  3. Physical Recreation, this area we have completed doing walks and activities with the centre.4 challenge areas
  4. Adventure Journey, as a group we have went on an overnight trip to Louisbourg


It was nice finding out that I have completed my Bronze award as now I am working on my silver award which I am hoping to get by June 2017. I am a member of our Green Schools Committee and together with other students we are working on reducing the waste produced by the centre. This allows me and Aaron Murphy to continue on working on our Gaisce Silver award.

Radoslaw Sokol

Aaron’s Experience Working Towards Gaisce Bronze Award

Getting the Gaisce Bronze Award was a great experience. I started working on my bronze award in 2015 when I joined Youthreach and straight away i could tell that it would be fun. I put in a lot of work and got to see new places and experience new things.

I started working towards my Gaisce by doing the Wednesday walks with Youthreach and than by participating in different types of events organised by Youthreach. A lot of the thanks goes to Mick our resource person in Youthreach who was always there supporting and helping me along the line.

In May 2016 I went to Louisbourg with Mick, Janet, Rory and a few students. This journey was part of the 4 challenge areas that needed to be achieved for the Award. It was a great experience to go on an overnight trip with my friends and I really enjoyed my time up there. We did a 20 mile cycle through the mountains and than went pier diving not far from the house. The next day we had a really long walk which I also enjoyed as it was really warm and sunny and the views from the top of the mountains were amazing.

I am now working on getting my Silver Award with Radek and hopefully I will get it finished by June. I am part of our Green Schools Committee thanks to which I get my community involvement. I am really enjoying the time I spend working towards the award and can’t wait to go on the overnight trip this year again.

Gaisce-Medals-and-PinsFor more information on what is needed to get your silver award click on this link. But for me the main difference between bronze and silver is in community involvement we now have to spend 26 weeks instead of 13

In personal skills it is 26 weeks as well but I will have to take up a complete new activity which will be interesting.

Physical is 26 weeks as well but I must show how much I have improved from my bronze award

Lastly it is adventure which I really liked in my bronze. This time we have a few ideas of what not to do!!!! which is…..

Using a venture centre without checking if they will support a Gaisce expedition

Any unsupervised activity

A walk through a city or laps of a park

A student exchange

The Gaelteacht

Holidays abroad

Day trips

Which exciting adventure that I will end up doing will be part of my next review of the award. So watch this space.

Aaron Murphy