Gaisce – Youthreach

The Presidents Awards

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Gaisce – The President’s Award is Ireland’s National Challenge Award for young people, the country’s most prestigious and respected individual Award programme. It is a challenge from the President of Ireland to the young people of Ireland.


Within Gaisce there are four modules, they are:

1. Community Involvement

For this our students went to a primary school in Headford teaching fitness and activities which was very enjoyable for everyone. We also Cook For Cope once a week. Aswell as helping homeless people Cope provides lunches daily for thoose in need, we are responsible for making the deserts once a week which we are very proud to do (and we also get to eat them!)

2. Personal Skills

For our Personal Skills module we do Photography around the centre and surrounding area. We also do guitar lessons which anyone can take part in if they want too. But we do different activities every week like knitting and cooking.

3. Physical Recreation

For the physical side we do football, fitness, badminton, basketball and go walking. For the end of our GAISCE we go on an adventure trip (see details on the GAISCE website).


As a group we go on quite a few trips during the year. All of the students get to decide together where we would like to go. But the final decision goes to the student council who take everyones opinion into consideration. The student council meets once a month in the centre to discuss issues such as bullying, drugs policy and the code of behaviour within the centre. All of our policies are written after talking with all the students giving them ownership of their own behaviour.

In YouthReach, we have the opportunity to work towards our Bronze or  Silver Gaisce Award. We learn new skills and take part in sporting activities and also a community involvement project in order to meet the requirements of the Gaisce Award.

For further information, go to

This year, 11 students, both past and current, were honured with their Bronze Gaisce President’s Awards this October.

5 students attended the Gaisce Awards Ceremony at N.U.I.G, and received their medal and Certificate from NUI Galway President Dr. Jim Browne. Jaki Mitchell, Ashley Whelan (former centre co-ordinator) as well as President’s Award Leaders (PAL’s) were also present.


Students Pictured above are (left to right) : Frances O’Mahony, Bridget Mongan, Danielle Doherty, Levi O’Brien, and Katie McEvilly. Katie and Danielle are both still doing their Level 4 at YouthReach.


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