Get Fit Get Healthy 2017

Get Fit Get Healthy Week 2017

Monday 27th March – Friday 31st March

get healthy

Well it is this time of the year again and the students and staff will be involved in lots of fun activities to get us up and out of the centre. With trips to pure skills in knocknacarra planned, fun walks around Galway, Marie Keating talks, trip to Portunma planned for Thursday. Our diet will be looked at as well this week with lots of lovely fruit and veg.



Pure Skills

A bus arrived at 1.30 to bring us to Pure Skills in Knocknacarra for alot of us it was our first time and we were very excited to go. What did we do? We we spent an hour of fun in different cages, the cages were broken down into different types of sport, soccer, baseball, basketball, hurling, gaelic, rugby, cricket, golf chipping, golf putting, tennis. We all had plastic cards that allowed us to swipe and enter each area. Only one person at a time when the game started. We did compete with each other in the different areas to see who would be the best at each sport. There was a lot of tourists up there and we chatted with some american visitors from Colorado who were all were their school sweatshirts. A great day out for everyone we would recommend there to other schools and centres



Marie Keating

A lady called Marie called with lots of bags and brochures. She spoke about how we might drink too much and what effects it has on our lives, smoking how dangerous this is today and how bad habits lead to some people getting cancer. She asked us about how we keep fit and what we do about it. Kaya is doing a full page on this visit so click on her page to get more information 


We started the day with our drop everything and read followed by our S.P.H.E classes. After 11 we headed out to Renmore for our walk. We hope you like our gallery to get the idea of how beautiful Galway really is.


Day out for all the staff and students. We decided to do our walk in Portumna Forrest in Co. Galway. The bus picked up the students at 9.30 and we arrived in Portumna at 10.45. We looked at the map planned our route which today was the green route and off we went. The walk took us about hour and half and we all agreed it was a long but fantastic walk. Lots to be seen on the route and we were glad at the end to find that our sandwiches were ready and we all ate them quickly and headed back on the bus by 1.30. Overall a fun day out.


Watch this space for information on our timeout kayaking…



For some good nutrition and dietetic services sites see list below

Diet and Nutrition


Click to access HPM01040SV.pdf


Smoker’s Quit Line

1800 201 203