Get Fit Get Healthy 2018

Get Fit Get Healthy 2017

Monday 5th March – Friday 9th March

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Well it is March and after all that fun snow of last week the students and staff will be involved in lots of fun activities to get us up and out of the centre in order to help with all of us getting fit and healthy. With trips  planned, fun walks around Galway, Marie Keating talks, trip to Clare walking on the Burren planned for Wednesday, maybe we might be able to do a bit of kayaking, it looks like we will get over our few days of snow and being hemmed in with some really fun outdoor exercises. Our diet will be looked at as well this week with lots of lovely fruit and veg.


marie keating

Marie Keating will be visiting to tell us all about skin cancer, food and our diet. She will focus on skin cancer especially on young people and sunbeds. This year sunbeds are really popular and she is letting the students about the pros and cons.

Alcohol how many drinks we should have a day. It doesn’t matter if it is a sugary drink or alcohol we should really only have 1 drink a day.

Smoking, this is still a tread with young people and now with the difficulties of  where people can smoke and the price of cigarettes,  young people are turning to rollies and she will speak to the pros and cons of same to check out more about Marie Keating Foundation check out their website.



All of our students will be going for a walk to Galway Technical Institute on Fr Griffin Road, to see what QQI Level 5 courses are available and that students might be interesting in moving on to when they finish in June. Students should be arriving at 10.00 to spend about an hour and a half and we will head from there to Galway Community College to see what courses are on offer for our students as well and to see first hand what college life is like. To get more details on G.T.I. click on their website To find out more on G.C.C. click on their website



We hope to travel to the Cong and see what sights are on offer. For those of you that don’t know what is on offer check this out. Cong is situated on an island formed by a number of streams that surround it on all sides. Cong is located on the isthmus connecting Loughs Corrib and Mask, near the towns of Headford and Ballinrobe and the villages of Clonbur, the Neale and Cross.

Cong is the home of Ashford Castle, a luxury hotel, which was converted from a Victorian faux lakeside castle, built by the Guinness family. Ashford Castle is a tourist attraction in its own right. Cong also features a ruined medieval abbey, Cong Abbey, where Rory O’Connor, the last High King of Ireland, spent his last years.[7] It also is the origin of a piece of Celtic art in the form of a metal cross shrine called the Cross of Cong. The ‘Cross of Cong’ is now held in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin. There is a High Cross in the village.


Kayaking was cancelled for today but do not fear lots of sports on tomorrow afternoon.



Well this the last day of Get Healthy Get Fit week and we are finishing off with some fun. Basketball, tabletennis, soccer and badminton. Exercise…exercise..what a great way to end this fun week. Mervue hall is where all the kids will find themselves this afternoon for good clean fun exercise.

Hope everyone enjoyed our activities this week. Why not do this in your centre and Get Healthy Get Fit……


Check out our gallery and what it is like to walk around Galway on a lovely sunny day