YSI – 2013 – Global Village Newstalk Interview

Galway City Youthreach YSI winners were interviewed on Newstalk last week. 3 of our students spoke about why we chose the issue of bullying for our project and what we have learned. They also talked about their experience in Youthreach and how it has helped. The interview will be aired on Newstalk Global Village on Saturday the 23rd November at 7:45 p.m. We want to thank the NewsTalk team for taking time from their busy schedule and having us there.
A very special thanks goes out to Dil Wikramesinghe for her warm welcome, interest in the students.  She demonstrated a keen awareness of the achievements of our students and the students felt that they were valued for their contributions during the interview. Also thanks goes out to Francesca Lalor for facilitating the event and for showing us around Marconi House and her technical expertise during the interview.

Waiting for the inverview

“Them fools are laughing at the newspaper again, aren’t they?”

Catching up in the news.

In the waiting room…

The interview itself

In the Studio!

The Interview

Glam Queen in the background.

Nerves building in the studio

“Smile, you’re on the radio!”

Youthreach Crew.

Time for the money shot.

Newstalk Girl Power!

Now There’s the money shot…

To listen to our interview click on this link


Our Newstalk Interviewer..

We in Youthreach was delighted to see the Irish Times on the 28th December our newstalk interviewer Dill Wickremasinghe. We would like to Congratulate her  on being the first to receive the new Dublin Civic Award, for her social justice activistism. To read the article on this link


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