Green Schools 2017

Green Schools update- By Radek


Welcome to the new Green Schools update 2016/17. This year for the topic of our Green Schools we are once again choosing Global Warming, as a group we decided that it is a very important topic and people should be made more aware of it.

Myself together with Aaron Murphy and Ingars Politers had a meeting with Mick in order to come up with an action plan for our project to make a list of things that need to be done throughout the next couple of weeks. We also decided on a committee for the year ahead. Ingars would be chairperson, Aaron is our secretary and myself (Radek) will be in charge of all the PR and artwork.

Some of the objectives that we have decided to undertake are:

  • Changing the existing bins in the center to metal framed bins, 4 in the hallway, 2 for recycling and 2 for general waste as well as three bins in the kitchen which are recycling, general waste and compost and also one compost bin in the staff room. These bins will have organic clear bags that can be recycled and making signage for the bins which show what items should be thrown into what bins.
  • Organizing litter picking as a community action which we are hoping all student will get involved in. We are hoping to go back to Merlin Woods to work with Caroline at the community garden..Click here to see our page on Merlin Woods
  • Making posters and putting up the notice board to raise awareness in the center of what we are focusing on this year.
  • Clean the front of the center once a month.
  • Reducing the usage of paper by introducing a new printing management system throughout the building.

In December we have introduced the new bins and signage. We are hoping to start the bins monitoring system soon to check if people are throwing rubbish into the appropriate bins. The monitoring system will be done by students on the Green Schools Committee, it will involve making a chart where we can take notes of what have been found in certain bins. This system will help us track the progress of sorting the rubbish by seeing if people are still putting the wrong type of wrong rubbish  in the different plastic bags we are hoping to make more signs so that there can be a sign over every bin.

This is our updated noticeboard for 2017


As you see from our other page we have already gone out to Merlin Woods and picked up rubbish.

We have some signs made for over the bins

General Waste Poster


Recycling Poster


Check the signs before you bin!


Front of Youthreach


We are having  another meeting tomorrow 27th of January to discuss further progress.

Check out our presentation