GRETB Training Centre 2017

Visit to GRETB Training Centre

We had an opportunity to visit our local GRETB Training Centre today 24/05/2017. We were shown a presentation by a man called Tom Costello and he informed us about apprenticeships and what was involved in getting one. We found out that you don’t need too many qualifications but you do need an employer to support you if you decide to do an apprenticeship. We found out that there are currently 27 types of apprenticeships on offer but that there are going to be 20 more added.

Check out the gallery to view some of the images that we took of the slideshow.

We found out that if you want to know more you can click on this website.

Patricia told us about the courses full time/part time/evenings and blended that they run in the centre. If anyone wants to know more then click on this link

They also have some videos for you to watch and if you like click on this link to view them.

A big thanks to Pauline for showing us around the centre, we really enjoyed the visit and look forward to meeting you again.