Art Exhibitions 2017

GTI Exhibition 2017



GTI launched their wonderful exhibition last night 25/05/2017 in the Claddagh Hall. The weather was fantastic outside and a great crowd gathered, but nothing could have surprised us more than the atmosphere within the hall. The students, parents and teachers chatting and talking about the wonderful art work that was on display. The proud faces of students when admiring looks and comments could be overheard about the colours in the painting, the time it must have taken to quote just a few.

The woodwork was amazing as well and I would have been very proud to have anyone of the items on display in my home. The mirrors made from oak, the chairs that would not look out of place in any five star hotel. An amazing night and I am really looking forward to the students in Youthreach visiting the exhibition next Tuesday.

A slideshow showing some of the creative work done by students.

I hope you like the gallery and will see the exhibition which will be on display till next Wednesday 31st May. Best wishes to all involved on another fantastic exhibition.


GMIT Exhibition 2017

The Galway campus exhibition features the work of 48 final year students in a range of disciplines including paint, print, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Lecturer, Dr Suzanne O’Shea, says: “It represents the culmination of studies by the students, presented in a comprehensive exhibition of multiple fine art disciplines. Their ideas have gone through the process of refinement, through engagement with fine art discourse and development of their respective processes. Naturally the work responds to the shifts and technological changes within our society whether through reaction or use of new techniques available.”

“This group celebrates and upholds the importance of human ingenuity and craftsmanship. The exhibition will display the multiple perspectives of a diverse group of artists; using a broad range of techniques and processes unique to each discipline.”

Why not check out the gallery that we have produced