Trips – Photo Gallery – Ice Skating 2013

This year we decided to go Ice Skating again as last year was such a success. The rink had moved to town, into the city centre by the docks. It was a cold wet and very windy day but that did not stop the excitement of the upcoming event. We put on our skates and we picked our penguins for support because for some of us it was our first time ice skating. Before long we realised it was just great fun, outside was getting really stormy but we did not mind as we were having so much fun. By the time we had to leave we want to start again but the weather was so bad at this stage that the man told us he was closing for the evening. Overall a great time had by all..

Ice Skating 2013

Ready steady go..

Lets great ready

Posing for the camera

Posing before the rink

With Mary

When are we going on the ICE

What is the joke Sarah?

Now who is my friend

Gaby will you help ME!!!!

Free Skating

What are you buying for Christmas ?

This is sooo easy

We are naturals ..!!

Can I do this??

I know your coming up behind me!!!

Hum time for a break!!

Ok  you are Gone????

So Easy..

So natural..

I want you..

Elvis who is this beside me..

Drop the Penguin

Ok no need for the Penguin!!!

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