Literacy/Numeracy 2017

Literacy and Numeracy 2017


Well the week has started and we have looked at the different ways literacy and numeracy is integrated in all of our programs in Youthreach. We have our puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, plenty of competitions and of course we are looking at literacy and numeracy from a technology base.


Examples of our crosswords

You can aslo go to this site to click to download and print..Have fun..


Magazine are a great way to improve our reading..Articles…catch up on our favourite celebs..just spend sometime by looking at the images and then checking out the stories…

Social Media

Social media is a great way to improve our literacy and communication skills. Young people love their smartphones, ipads, youtube, twitter, facebook and snapchat. So why not think about using technology to get our message across about literacy.



Well we in Youthreach love our numbers…we have a darts tournament once a here to see the page. We have QQI level 3 and 4 maths as well but for this week we are going to add in some Sudoku puzzle

if you like to download some free sudoku puzzles click on this link sudoku

Don’t forget for all of you with smart phones check out the app store and download a free sudoku app. Habe5 some fun with numeracy and leave a comment to let you know how you are getting on.

Smart Technology

As we all know we students love our smart phones and our Ipads. We are going to make up a list of apps that we think are great for literacy and numeracy so watch this space for updates…

Check out this page for great apps for dyslexia and reading and writing

The Irish Times has a great page on links with apps that will  support students with numeracy

If you would like more information about ipads check out our page by clicking here

Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology enhanced learning (TEL) is often used as a synonym for e-learning but can also be used to refer to technology enhanced classrooms and learning with technology, rather than just through technology. So if you are looking for some support in your classroom click here to get some resources


Some of the students made some bookmarks as part of this week. Tell you what you think of the bookmarks by liking or commenting on the page