Marie Keating

Marie Keating visit 2017


 A lady called Marie spoke to the girls from our school today about cancer and all the ways we can prevent it. She covered breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer bowel cancer, and others.


Cancer effects one in three people in Ireland. It occurs when cells lose control and wont stop dividing and multiplying. This gives us a tumor. Some tumors are benign which means it is not cancerous, but some are malignant, which means it is cancerous and needs to be treated right away.

We learned that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Ireland at the moment, with over 9,700 diagnoses a year. Thankfully skin cancer in most cases is easily prevented, by avoiding sunbeds and direct exposure of our skin to the sun by using suncream with an SPF of 30 or over.

Breat cancer is very common in women over 50, and anyone over 50 is welcome to get a free screening at your local breastcheck clinic.


She spoke quite a bit about smoking and she showed us a jar of how much tar builds up over a  year of smoking. She also showed us a medical prop of what out teeth would look like after a lifetime of heavy smoking. The jar of tar was pretty disgusting and made us all think twice about the amount of cigarettes we smoke on a daily basis. Click on the gallery above to see what you think..

She told us that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and each fag we smoke decreases our life by 5.5 minutes.


Everybody drinks these days, and the lady said that on the main, anyone over 18 can take one unit = half a pint a night and won’t do too much harm, but taking a break is good for your liver in general.

She looked at fizzy drinks which most of us like to enjoy often, and showed just how much fat is really in them. A 330 ml bottle of coke, fanta or 7up could help add a whole load of fat to our ever increasing waistlines. Check out the photos above to see for yourself!

Overall the talk was worthwhile and interesting and it definitely made me think about my health. I would recommend other schools and centres to attend one of her talks is she is in an area near you. 🙂