My Trip to Zeminar 17

Zeminar RDS 2017


An overview of what’s on at Zeminar 2017 from the website:

While the career aspect will be covered, it will represent just 1 of 9 designated zones, setting Zeminar apart from the traditional careers fair. According to research conducted by, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, cyberbullying and isolation are some of the difficulties hindering academic and personal growth today. These factors in conjunction with fast-moving technology, academic pressures, unhealthy diets and ever-changing career options present an increasingly complex and challenging environment for young people to navigate.

Zeminar will give attendees the chance to explore the above, discuss career opportunities, hear from inspirational speakers such as The O’Donovan Brother, The Rubberbandits, Sr Stan to name but a few, and discover invaluable tools to assist them on their educational journey.

My Reflection..

By Olyesya O Rourke

17 of our Youthreach students went up to the RDS, Dublin to the Zeminar. We got lunch made for us that morning by Nuala who works in the canteen. It was a really nice thing for her to do for us normally we would have to make our own lunches.  We left Youthreach at 8:30 Tuesday morning; it took us 2 and half hours to get there. Some of us chatted on the bus and had a laugh as we didn’t know each that well and knew that it was going to be a long day away from Galway.

When we got there, there were a lot of different schools already there. The place was packed with students and teachers from all over the country. We felt that we were a really small group amongst a very large crowd. This at first seemed strange but with some much to see and do it didn’t take us long to blend in. There were a variety of stalls that gave a wide range of information from health and fitness, youth organisation, political, music stalls they had it all. There were even some games and activities that you could take part in. You could win prizes you got loads of different things there was stalls where you could get your nails painted, games, badminton

There was a main stage where the speakers were sharing their stories, about not just their lives but what it was like to live in Ireland and deal with some difficulties. There was also a small stage where you could go up and sing. None of chose to do this as we felt we would look silly. There was some brave people who we listened to and thought they would not win the next X Factor but they were brave in front of such a large crowd.

We left the RDS at 2:15, everyone fell asleep on the bus on the way back. Over all it was a good experience and I got a lot out of it.