My Work Experience 2016

My Work Experience Review

By Peter Bucknicz


For my QQI level 4 I needed to find 3 weeks of work experiences to complete the work experience module and to a get my level 4.  A couple of weeks before I had to do my work experiences I had to go out and look for places that would take me on for those few weeks. I went into a good few restaurants and some shops in Tuam and I handed in my cover letter and CV to any of the managers that I could get my hands on. I had no success the first week so I then decided time to start searching online as well to try find a place but no luck, until I got a call from Lumberjacks(one of the places that I had handed in my cover letter and CV to) saying they would like to call me in for an interview.  I went to the interview and they decided to take me on for the 3 weeks last summer. The experience I got from going out and trying to find work experience is going to be beneficial after I finish Youthreach because it showed me that you do have to put yourself out there to find a job and if at first you don’t succeed you MUST try anything in THIS WORLD to get this JOB!! .

When I started in Lumberjacks I was assigned to a staff member. He showed me the tasks I had to do, mostly for the first week it was cleaning and stacking cups which wasn’t too bad. The second week I was thought how to grind mozzarella and how to prepare nachos and wedges. Which I ended up doing for most part of the work experiences, I was also made to bring stock to the stock room which was good for a change sometimes, and it got me out of the warm kitchen which I was happy about. So if anyone out there need any help in stacking pizza ovens…and grinding mozzarella I am your man.

What I found out from working in Lumberjacks was that it’s a pretty physical job and you got to have the energy to be constantly doing something because customers keep pouring in the doors and also you need to have good listening skills because lot of different nationalities come into the shop and you got to be able to understand them and take their order right. You also have to be able to be very adaptable as you could be grinding mozzarella one minute, putting pizza into a hot oven the next, trying to understand your own handwriting from the orders you took earlier and just generally being nice to customers all not a problem for me as I do this every day at home.

Overall I learned a lot about myself during those 3 weeks, helped me develop my communication skills and made me more confident with a work place environment. It also taught me that maybe working in catering is not a bad job but not as a career. I am brilliant at drawing and painting and that is where my career will be in the future. I have applied for GTI in September 2017 to do their Graphics and Design course level 5 but I will look back at my time in Lumberjacks and I will have a little smile when I think of those three weeks of work experience.


A Look Back at my End of Year Work Experience 2016


For my work experience at the end of the year, I went to St Brendan’s CNU in Loughrea. The reason for my choice was because it was so close to me and easy to get to and from. I got a lift every day and worked from 9.30 until about 3 or 4 every day. For the last 2 weeks of my work experience, I got to go down with the Day Centre nurses. The Day Centre welcomed patients from anywhere to come down to do activities, socialise and just to get them out and about. A few activities we did was bowling, dancing, bingo, breathing exercises, painting and gardening. Every morning at 10 mass was on for the clients. They would also say the rosary every day at 12 o’clock.

I did some office work too. This included shredding, charts and making up drug charts for the clients. I also was lucky enough to go down to the ward with the dementia patients and do a bit of dancing with them. All the staff were so welcoming and kind to me, making sure I was never left unaware of the tasks I had to do. I really enjoyed everything about my work experience, and I would go back to St Brendan’s in a heartbeat.

By Donna

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