My Y.S.I Project 2017

My YSI Project 2017

Robert Medzai


This year in Youthreach we are doing a YSI project that we had agreed on, the project that we chose to do is a project on the “teenage brain, and how it works”. As a group we looked at all the different things teens do and why they do it. Each individual person has their own mini topic to do. My research is on “Why teens use drugs and alcohol”, it is a pretty interesting topic for me because there is a lot to cover and each of us is different and make our own decisions.

The reason why it is interested me enough to pick “drugs and alcohol” is because there is quite a big issue with teens nowadays and their abuse of drugs and alcohol in today’s society. Teens don’t realise just how much these substances can actually effect them in a very negative way and the harm it can cause their organs, everyday life and activities. When you get addicted to something that can nearly kill you it isn’t easy to stop the nasty habit of doing these things and the help that is needed to get better is there but not everyone sees it as a way to cut out their addictions.

Through this project I hope that my classmates and I can learn just a little bit more about just how much of a problem drugs and alcohol actually are and how easily it can ruin one’s life. Although the high or “buzz” that teens may get out of whatever it is they do absolutely amazing, deep down they themselves know that it isn’t right and that it is slowly but surely killing them. I look forward very much so to the end of the YSI project this year and see just how well it all turns out for us.

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No to Drugs and Alcohol

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