Activity – Olympic Handball, Galway Community College

Training session in GCC

We were lucky enough to be able to get some time to flex our muscles and our legs in Galway Community College this week. Fergal, who is with us from Mary Immaculate College, lead the way on getting us FIT…He co-ordinated the training session teaching the students on the skills on the game at the beginning of the lesson and later putting these new skills into practice in the form of mini-matches. As this was a game we weren’t too familiar with, everybody took a keen interest in the activity right from the start of the lesson and as a result of the huge enthusiasm and enjoyment for the sport, we plan to carry out this activity on a regular basis from now on. Here are some of the pictures taken throughout the lesson. Enjoy!!


Getting stuck in



Goals Never!!

No Way Aoife Go away from around ME...

Lionel Messi where are you NOW....

Taking a well earned rest..

I see a goal coming

Coach Fergal says KEEP GOING LADS!!!!!


All In........


I definately see a GOAL...

Common Ladies Get Involved!!!!

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