Portumna Walk 2016

On Tuesday 19th April as part of our Get Healthy Get Fit week, the whole centre went to Portumna Forest Park for the day.

We got the bus from the centre at 9.30 and got to the park around 10.30. Headed for a two and a half our walk/trek around the park. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a really nice time, chatting and getting to know each other socially. We also got to understand what it was like to use a map when some of us got lost. All in a days fun. Would recommend this as a centre activity to any school or centre. Check out a few images from the day.

Here is a poem about the day..

Portumna Forest Walk


Armantas Ruljevas

 We were walking in the park on this magnificent morning,
Heard the birds singing and seen some deer running,
All of us were lazy, walking around and yawning,
Sun was shining so the day look amazingly stunning,
I was in the front leading the way for a while,
I thought I was right but we took the wrong turn,
We turned around but I still had a smile,
We all make mistakes, we all got to learn,


All of us tired still achieving our goal,
The feeling of hunger was kicking in,
We saw our bus and finished our stroll,
Start eating our sandwiches, it’s a great day that been.




Getting Ready


Stunning Tree


Amazing terrain


Posing for a picture


Back on the walk again


Colour Colour Colour…


Who does this belong to???