Activity Days

Wednesday Activities


Once a week on Wednesdays we have our activities day. We do activities such as kayaking, archery, photography and keep fit excercises. Once a term we go on trips. below is a collage of some photos of our activities and trips. On Wednesdays we also have craft for YSI (Young Social Innovators) where are theme is Bullying in Youthreach, also we get the chance to do Driver Theory so we will be safe out on the roads and finally we do cooking for COPE…COPE really makes a positive difference for the homeless men and women, women and children who experience domestic violence and older people living in isolation in our community.

Below are pictures of various activities.

Kayaking: When taking part in kayaking you have the chance to complete a level 2 course and learn alot of basic skills.

Archery: When taking part in archery you have the chance to try and get the highest score you can and over the weeks of taking part you will get alot better with the help of the YouthReach staff.

Football: Every Friday and Wednesday  you have the chance to take part in football matches and even get into our YouthReach team who compete against other teams and schools.

COPE/Cooking: On Wednesday we cook diferent dishes for the charity COPE who give food to elderly people.


We do some music production on Wednesday and here is an example of a finished piece

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