Reflections 2018

Reflections/Testimonials 2018


Every year our students who are finishing with us like to write a reflection on how they are feeling. this year is no different and we hope you like what our students have to say.

Final Reflection



My time in Youthreach so far has really helped me develop. Looking back to when I first joined I was very quiet and shy, I wasn’t very confident and didn’t really know how to react to many social interactions but as my time has been going on here I have started to feel more confident and I have really learned a lot. I have enjoyed getting back into education because its helping me get used to how work life will be after I leave. Some of my favourite times have been in the activities that we have went on as a group because I get to things with my friends that we wouldn’t normally do, such as, laser tag, go-karting and even just going for days out walking. Go-karting was definitely one of my favourite experiences and had a lot of fun just driving around the track passing my friends and making a few odd comments at them. Also a big part of my growth has been the work experience. It really helped me understand what its like to work everyday. I also felt it helped me get better at communicating with customers and other staff and I feel like all this has helped boost my confidence and also helped me mature. I think I have had a big transformation since starting in Youthreach.

I have also been doing very well with most of the subjects and have not really struggled with any of them. Some of my favorites being maths, IT and textiles. I like them because I feel like I can figure out what I’m doing and just enjoying it. The center also has a councilor which has been very helpful for me for those days where I have gotten angry or upset it’s a nice place to go to try to get your mind of the bad things and just relax for a bit until I’m ready to work again. I think communicating with the staff has also helped me become a bit more confident with talking to people who are a little older than I am. The staff being really supportive and friendly is also very important to me as it helps me come into the center every day without having to worry that I might end up stuck not knowing what to do. Using headphones in classes really helped me stayed relaxed and focused.

For a while I have always know what kind of thing I wanted to do after secondary school/Youthreach which was something to do with gaming. I know have my eyes set on a games development and design course in GTI for next September and hopefully ill be able to get into it. I have been very keen on gaming for a long time and so this course really seems like it’s the one for me. Youthreach has helped me with my application and practicing for the interview which is important because I don’t think I would have the right approach going into the interview if it weren’t for Youthreach.

Overall I really think that my experience in Youthreach has been very positive and it has prepared me for work life or GTI after I leave as I feel like I know a bit more of what to expect. I am excited to see what will happen in the future for me.

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