Stain Glass 2018

Stain Glass


Harry Clarke Window National Gallery

Stained glass windows play games with the light in many modern churches. The tradition of making those windows goes back a long way. As early as the fourth century, colored glass was used to ornament church windows, though it was not until the 12th century that making stained glass became an art form like sculpture or painting. Yet stained glass was not just a decoration. It was a way of communicating scenes and episodes from the Bible to everybody — including those unable to read.

The wide spaces for windows afforded by Gothic architectural features contributed to a greater demand for stained glass windows. Artists would blow the glass into varying forms and sizes. Pieces were then cut into smaller fragments and assembled according to a design. Often, pieces were “painted” so details — such as gestures and clothing — could be represented. The challenges of creating stained glass masterpieces were only equaled by the difficulties workers experienced when they placed those intricate windows in their frames

Why not check out our gallery of stain glass in the Galway, you could get ideas for your textile or art class. Enjoy

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