Teaching Practice 2018

Teaching Practice 2018

My name is Róisín Hession and I am a final year student from St Angela’s College Sligo. I am studying to be a Home Economics and Biology teacher and as part of my final year placement I was required to complete four weeks of Special, community or further education teaching practice. The Galway city youthreach centre kindly agreed to accommodate me for these past four weeks and I have had a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As part of the Culinary Operations and Living Skills Modules we have cooked various dishes both sweet and savoury. Throughout the four weeks we made thai green curries, vegetable stir fries, spaghetti bolognaise, chilli tacos and some sweet treats such as chocolate cakes, scones and fruit crumbles! As part of the theory classes we examined health and safety in the kitchen, some basic first aid and sensory analysis.

In our Personal Effectiveness classes we worked on communication, team work and examined our strengths as well as areas for improvement. We completed various team building activities and games so as to develop communication and team skills.

Finally, as part of the activities afternoon on a Wednesday we have been knitting phone cases. We looked at different patterns and some basic knitting stitches. In order to personalise and decorate the cases we did some basic embroidery stitches!

My experience here has been of extreme value and I really enjoyed it. The environment here is pleasant and very welcoming. I was made feel at home immediately by both staff and students! I am truly grateful for the support and learning experiences I received here.