Team Challenge 2016

Team Challenge


Well it is another year and another Youthreach Team Challenge which was held in Petersburg in Co. Mayo.

This was held on the 9th November 2016 and we had a team of eleven students that we sent up for the day.

We left Youthreach at around 9:10am and we got there around 10:00am. First were sent to sign in to the event and receive our team numbers. Most of the group that went didn’t really know each other very well. Some of us had only been in Youthreach for a few weeks, so this was a great bonding day for us. There was 10 teams, we had 2 of those teams with a team of 6 and a team of 5. The other teams were other Youthreach’s around the area.

The first activity my team participated in, was about balance we were made to stand on a wooden plank for 15 minutes. If we fell, the time would start over until the 15 minutes are up. The teams longest time on the wooden plank within those 15 minutes would be their final time.

The next activity was more about teamwork. The goal was to get a ball across a field into a bucket using plastic tubes which the ball had to travel through. We got one tube each and had to make a line with the tubes. Once the ball moved past your tube you had to go to the end of the line to keep the ball going. You had 15 minutes to try and get as many balls into the bucket as possible.

The third activity was to make an object, out of straws and tape, for an egg which would be dropped from 3 heights. The egg would be dropped from 3, 5 and 10 meters and the goal was to make sure the egg doesn’t break. We had 15 minutes to make this object.

We then had a small break for tea and coffee. This break only lasted around 15 minutes. We then moved on to the next few activities.

The fourth activity consisted of a circular wooden object which a ball was placed on. The goal was to move the ball, using ropes by lifting the wooden object up and down, to get the ball to the other side of the circle. We had 15 minutes to get as many balls to the other side as possible.  This can be seen in the video below.

The next activity involved 4 tyres and 3 wooden planks. The objective was to get from one side of a field to the other, in less than 15 minutes, by placing the wooden planks in a line on top of the tyres and having our team walk on the planks. The teams and planks could not touch the ground so the tyres were used to lift the planks. We had to move the planks at the end of the line back to the front without anyone touching the ground.

For the next activity, we had to stack pairs of shoes as high as possible. We had 15 minutes to get the tallest tower of shoes as possible.

The seventh activity had a rope attached to a tree with 3 wooden square planks around it. The objective was the get everyone on the team to swing, using the rope, to the other square planks. The planks got smaller each time and it was difficult to fir everyone on the same one.

We had a break at this point with all the other Youthreach’s. There were all different kinds of sandwiches, crisps and there was also a soup. This break lasted for around 30 minutes and after that we walked to the final three activities.

The eight activity was about teamwork and physical work. There were multiple lines all connected by wooden post which had buckets on them. One person had to get water from the lake, which is where the first line started, and put the water into the first bucket then someone had to move that bucket of water, which was connected to line, to next bucket, and fill that bucket with the water from the lake on the next line and so on until we reached the end of the last line where the water would be put in a large bin. The goal was to get as much water in that large bin as possible in 15 minutes.

The ninth activity involved running. It was a similar to a scavenger hunt, we were given a piece of paper with rows of 2 letters written on it. There was also a large field with wooden poles holding up 2 random letters. We had to find the poles with the letters that matched the letters on the piece of paper. We had to do this as quickly as possible to beat the other teams.

The final activity was a mental activity. First, there were 3 poles with 5 circular wooden objects going through each pole. Each piece was a different size and they were arranged on the first pole from smallest to biggest. The objective was the get all 5 pieces to the third pole but we could not put a larger piece on top of a smaller one and we could only move 1 piece at a time. After we finished that we had to arranged 7 pieces of random shapes and sizes and make a square out of them.

Overall, it was a great day out with the group and we left at around 3:30. Unfortunately we did not win but it was still a ton of fun doing all these random and creative activities, with a team, and I would gladly go again next year.